Concrete Pools have no limitations when it comes to size, shape, colours and options. The options are almost endless.
You are not limited to moulds, no need to replace liners, and with a reinforced sprayed concrete shell, a concrete pool will
last several generations.

Concrete swimming pools are ideal when you have a restricted area in which to position your swimming pool, or when building on a sloping or difficult site.

Concrete pools have a greater life expectancy than other types of pools, and when constructed properly will not rot, rust or blister. They have the ability to be more creative in shape and style, with a huge range of colour finishes available. See our Pool Colours page.
You are only limited by your imagination and budget for the project!

Which type of pool should I have?

A number of  factors will determine which type of pool you should have, such as design, site constraints, budget, and how long you intend to be at the existing property.

What is the best type of pool?

Each type of pool has its own advantages and disadvantages. We recommend concrete pools, as they are the strongest, most structurally sound, and last the longest. They are also renowned for versatility of design, shape and size, and by the types of materials and colours that can be used to finish the pool.

A well-built concrete pool can cope with the most difficult site. Another advantage is that in 20 or 30 years’ time concrete pools can be remodelled to contemporary styles using modern materials.

Is a concrete pool more expensive?

A concrete pool is engineer-designed and constructed for a long life. A lot more goes into this type of structure compared with a pre-formed pool. Our concrete pools are built on site by qualified tradesmen, working to architectural and engineering plans, and fully consented.

Can I provide my own architect’s design to Concrete Pool Systems?

We build to either a supplied design or you can choose from one of ours.

Do I need both a Building Consent and a Resource Consent?

Every new pool requires a Building Consent. However, not every new pool requires a Resource Consent. We can guide you through the process.

How long does it take to build a concrete pool?

This will vary with the type of site, the design of both the pool and landscape. At Concrete Pool Systems we specialise in putting the whole project together and co-ordinating not just the pool but the design and surrounding landscape as well to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for our clients.

What type of heating should I have?

Most pools are heated these days and there are a number of options available, ranging from gas and solar to electric heat pumps. The type you choose will depend on your own situation and this will be discussed in depth during the design and costing stages.

What are the different types of finishes?

These days we are spoilt for choice. Interior finishes range from Marble Plaster to specialist pool plasters such as Quartzon and Hydrazzo, with the ultimate finish being a fully tiled pool. These options are determined by colour preference and budget.

Do you build only residential pools?

Although more than 90 percent of our pools are residential, we have built pools for schools, retirement homes, hotels and other commercial enterprises in New Zealand.

Do you build during winter?

Concrete Pools Systems can handle any stage of the pool-building process at any time of the year.

What does the warranty cover and how long is it for?

A  manufacturers warranty will cover all the materials used for your pool and Concrete Pool Systems stand by all their products and workmanship. More information is available upon request.

My home already has a pool, but it needs a makeover. Do you carry out refurbishments?

We have a wealth of experience in re-modelling and renovating existing pools. See our Pool Refurbishment page for further information.

How much maintenance does an inground pool require and how hard is it to learn?

When we construct your pool, one of our objectives is to ensure your pool is as maintenance and hassle-free as possible. The days of spending hours looking after your pool and mixing up chemicals are long gone. Concrete Pool Systems will provide you with all the chemicals and knowledge you will need to confidently maintain your pool.

If you need further information please feel free to contact Todd on 021 923 602 or Scott on 021 399 377 or you can send us an email.

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